Sabtu, 04 Oktober 2014

Why should save animal from extinction [repost]

Animals as well as plants play an important role to the life of the world. They contribute various medicine and food. The extinction of one species animal or plant will influence other species (including human). In other words ecological balance will disturbed. How bad is it? ecological balance is needed in order for species to thrive comfortably in their habitat. If one species gone extinct it can shift the balance, and this can lead to a loss of something like animals or vegetation which means lost of some medicine or food. It is like a domino’s effect. We as a human are related to them (animals).

However, some people don’t think it is necessary. Some of them even don’t care about saving animal. They believe that our nature is dynamic, our nature is change and they are meant to evolve, so some species survive and most don’t. Only the fittest will survive.

Maybe they’re right. Our environment changes and the fittest will survive, but..
I believe that earth is our home. Human, animals, and plants, we live in a place called earth so I believe that we can live in harmony if we maintain our relationship.

Celebrating World Animal Days, 4th October 2013

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